Serial NO.Patent namePatent Number
1A Benzene-naphthalene polymers and their preparation method and application01123429
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3Preparation of lithium iron phosphate for lithium-ion battery cathode200410039176
4A way to improve the median diameter and tap density of the lithium cobalt oxide01123431
5Anode material based on graphite for lithium ion battery02159166
6Electrode for lithium ion battery03153874
7Method for fabricating morphology-controllable LiFePO4200710000683
8Method for fabricating LiFePO4 for lithium ion battery02146259
9Method for fabricating anode materials for lithium ion battery01123430
10Method for fabricating sphere-like LiMPO4200610011378
11Method for fabricating cathode materials based on LiCoO202155659
12Method for preparing polyanionic lithium ion battery anode materialCN101794878A, 2010
13Anode material composed of Li4Ti5O12 and carbonCN101752560A, 2010
14Method to fabricate cathode material for lithium ion battery201110249813.0
15Cathode material based on NCM for lithium ion battery201110314584.6
16Li-rich cathode material201110305148.2
17Cathode material based on LCO for lithium ion battery201110305140.6
18Method for fabricating cathode materials for lithium ion battery201110249813.0,2011

Ferroferric oxide/graphite lithium ion battery anode material and preparation method for ferroferric oxide/graphite lithium ion battery anode material


Lithium ferric manganese phosphate as cathode material of nanometer fibrous lithium ion battery and preparation method of lithium ferric manganese phosphate

21LFP (lithium iron phosphate) positive electrode material with excellent low-temperature property and preparation method thereof201310027761.1


National Key Science and Technology Projects



Innovation Fund of Science Park of Zhong Guan Cun 

“Cathode and Anode Material”


Innovation Fund in Ministry of Science and Technology   

“Lithium-ion Battery and Cathode /Anode Material”

Project for Beijing's Major Scientific and Technological Achievements Conversion

“Cathode and Anode Material”

Project for Beijing “Basic Research - Basic Research for Strategic High-tech” 

“New Generation of LiFePO4  Research”

Major Industrial Projects in Zhong Guan Cun Science Park

“LED Street Lighting Demonstration Project Based on the New Energy “
2006-2008Science and Technology Plan Project of National 863
“Improved HT Performance of  Lithium Iron Phosphate”

Special Fund for Industrial Development in Zhong Guan Cun Science Park

“Evaluation for Recycle LFP Battery “

Key Project of National Science and Technology Program

“Mass Production of LFP Material and Key Application Technology “
2013-2015Low-temperature Type Lithium Ion Battery Materials Innovation Project, Qinghai
2013-2015Innovation Base of Advanced Battery Materials

National Science and Technology 863 Program – Wide Temperature and High Power Batteries and Key Materials