Corporate Culture

a) Vision Statement:

We envisage a future where technological innovation in lithium-ion batteries will make a vital contribution to the development of a green economy.


b) Mission Statement:

As an industry leader and innovator, Pulead will make the world a greener place by developing key components and solutions for sustainable energy supplies.

In line with the company's vision, our team is firmly committed to maintain a strong competitive position in the worldwide pioneering manufacturing industry of cathode active materials (LCO, LFP and NMC) as utilized in high performance lithium-ion batteries.

With relentless focus on R&D activities, product performance improvements, operational effectiveness, capacity expansion and a customer-centric approach of business activities, we are on target for long-term growth that will create maximum value to shareholders while maintaining innovative products of consistent high quality. 


c) Core Values:

Customer Focus:By applying a customer-centric approach of business, we are keen on putting customers at the centre of every business decision. Thus, from the beginning of the product design to the development of particular manufacturing processes to the assembly of battery samples, we strive for collaborating with customers in order to ensure that the end battery devices will meet the required performance standards.
By delivering a combination of superb customer service and products of consistent world-class quality, we aim at maintaining our competitive position through customer loyalty and trust.

Collaboration:Our team establishes sustainable collaborations with customers to ensure a comprehensive understanding of our customers’ needs and product expectations. Thus, we strive to cooperatively develop and produce cathode active materials which meet industry specific parameters, facilitate further material advances, and optimize the performance of individual devices.

Innovation :Pulead leverages intellectual property generated by the Peking University. The company has registered numerous technology patents while continuing to broaden its patent portfolio with ongoing R&D.

Human Capital:In the pioneering industry of renewable energy resources and materials, Pulead recognizes its pool of diversified talents as the key to sustaining continuous company growth.
Our team respects individuality and supports individual personal growth and further professional development through regular professional trainings. Thus, the company strives to make Pulead an employer of choice.


d) Corporate Logo:

The company logo represents the integration of three separate elements united in a single unit.
‘PU’ is the abbreviation of Peking University, while ‘lead’ refers to the pioneering and industry-leading position the company strives to maintain.
The “L” of lead has been transformed into the symbol  to represent the speed and relentless ambition of Pulead in pursuing its development as a major player in the industry.